Agency Commission Model:

Level Company Win Lose Commission Active Players
Bronze 0-5W 20% ≥5
Silver 5W-20W 25% ≥5
Gold 20W-30W 30% ≥5
Platinum 30W-50W 35% ≥5
Ruby 50W-100W 40% ≥5
Diamond 100W以上 45% ≥5


  1. affiliate note 1
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  3. 3. COMMISSION Rules:
  4. Company win/lose*COMMISSION%

    Rules of Cumulative calculation for next month:

    affiliate tnc p3

Terms Conditions

  1. 1. Settlement time: The commission settlement date is the fifth day of each month
  2. 2. Issuing time: After passing the review, the agent can initiate withdrawals from the 10th to the 15th of each month
  3. 3. Minimum withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal requirement for commission is $R 100, and the maximum withdrawal amount in a single day is 3 million
  4. 4. No Negative Carry Over: If there is a loss in the current month, the loss will not be accumulated for calculation in the next month
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